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Alemania campeón del mundo en Brasil

Bayern Munich que equipo actual Campeón de la Bundesliga.


Reus is… Reus :))

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Also mich persönlich hat es nicht überrascht. Der Gedanke war bei Philipp ja schon länger am reifen, das hat er in seiner Mitteilung auch so erklärt. Ich kann jetzt nicht mehr genau sagen, wann er mich eingeweiht hat, aber ich wusste Bescheid, dass er diesen Schritt vorhat

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Very Philipp-like :) Nothing new there :)

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Interview 13.09.2013

I love everything about this .gif set, so all is good! :)

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That moment when, although it’s been more than a week, you still wake up, smiling to yourself while thinking, “We’re the world champions.” Then ask yourself if that’s really true and scream afterwards, “HECK YEAH, WE ARE!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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I'm gutted but I think Lahm's retirement is a good thing. If the press is any indication, Germans (not the NT because I haven't heard anything from them) are getting too confident and entitled after the WC. There's already talk about another victory in the next Euro. The absence of an important pillar like Lahm would remind them that nothing is certain and that the "new" Germany is all about youth and change and taking risks, and their rivals like France are changing too.
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I am very happy with Germany’s focus on youth development and the 50+1 rules in Bundesliga.  Both help to make it a very strong league.

But that said it’s sort of the Barcelona situation here - sooner or later when you have a dominant team, someone will figure out their weak spot and build a team to break it.  Bayern did this to Barca and in some ways, Real Madrid did this to Bayern (it was also that Bayern was getting a bit lackadaisical after winning the league so early but still)

Right now Germany is churning out some great midfielders.  But I am not so sure there is a lot of defensive talent which is one of Germany’s major weaknesses.  Also there is no one - absolutely no one - that can back up Miroslav klose.  They’ve tried with Gomez and recently Kruse but so far nothing’s sticking and False Nine is unconvincing.

Frankly, Germany has a right to be happy/boastful/whatever at least for a while. After all those “almost a win”, I’m totally with them. This is IMHO. I mean, why not to rejoice at least for some time?.. They’ve been through lots of shit, so it’s ok to be happy. That doesn’t mean they won’t bother figuring out how to stay that way.

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Für mich kam der Rücktritt unseres Weltmeister-Kapitäns Philipp Lahm nicht völlig überraschend“, Philipp ist mein Kumpel. Wir kennen uns seit 5 Jahre und haben sicherlich mehr miteinander zu tun als mit jedem anderen Kollegen in der Mannschaft. Obwohl uns altermäßig 6 Jahre trennen, haben wir einen guten Draht zueinander. und da tauscht man sich natürlich auch aus.
„Unter uns war es schon immer mal ein Thema, dass die je zehn Tage Nationalmannschaft in den Monaten September, Oktober und November an einem zehren können. Da sagt man sich oftmals: Wenn man in diesen Länderspiel-Phasen mal ein bisschen Ruhe hätte, wäre das mit Sicherheit angenehmer und zur Regeneration besser.“ Der Unterschied zwischen Philipp und mir ist dabei: Ich spiele erst seit 4 Jahren in der Nationalmannschaft, aber er schon ein ganzes Jahrzehnt. „Philipp hat ja nun auch einen kleinen Sohn daheim und Vaterpflichten. Von daher kann ich seine Entscheidung schon nachvollziehen“

Beim FC Bayern bleibt mir Philipp zum Glück noch mindestens bis 2018 als Spielführer erhalten.
Sein Fehlen in der Nationalmannschaft wird sich aber auch für mich persönlich mit Sicherheit bemerkbar machen. In der trainingsfreien Zeit haben wir schon mal Golf gespielt. Innerhalb der Mannschaft gehörten wir beide immer zur fester Kartenrunde oder Playstationen. Da werde ich mir jetzt andere Opfer suchen müssen..

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and I mean - the way Ballack went out, when Kahn went out, when Frings went out, when Friedrich was forced to go out I think Lahm is making the logical decision here because (to quote the song) I did it my way and all that.

because at the end of the road you’ll either get injured, replaced, or end in a massively unpleasant battle of superiority (made even uglier because Jogi doesn’t do confrontations)

but i’m still not okay with it

As one article pointed out (and rightfully so) some time ago, he’s always gone his way, whether on or off the pitch. So… That’s Lahm for ya ^^

You rock, Fips! You did, you do, and you will be rocking! :)

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"Mein Leben gehört mir" (c)

Part of the reason why I like you so much.

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Thanks for your help with my request. I'm doing a (amateur) write-up on Lahm for the occasion of his retirement from international football. The noise about his comment on homosexuality in football makes me raise my eyebrow because, well, it's telephone game. People reported on an interview on another magazine. So I'm curious about what he DID say.
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Don’t mention it ;)

Yep, they did exactly that and supported it only with several quotes from that interview. However, the title they came up with at the time was their own doing. I was against the verb “advises” back then, and I’m against it now :)

I’ve written so much about it that now even thinking about it ticks me off :)

That being said, I would be interested in reading your opinion piece of you decide to share it.

PS.: I doubt he said anything he hadn’t said before/hadn’t written in his book. But people are oblivious at times… :)

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