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finally I found a gif that describes how I felt when Lahm left the National Team.


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Kern und Hummels über Philipp Lahm | BR Mediathek VIDEO


Hermann Hummels, der Vater von Mats und Jonas, über Philipp Lahm (und achtet mal darauf, welche Trikots da bei ihm herumhängen ;))

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i wanted to pass by and say you are definitely my fave lahm blog (both wordpress and tumblr). gnt is the only team that really fascinated me since WC2010 and made me watch soccer, i only watched them as a team until this WC, and i feel unlucky because my attention got finally caught by one player, that one player i really found utterly amazing and unbelievable and he decides to leave lol. i wish people could have noticed him before him announcing his retirement :(
shinranduk asked

Isn’t it how it usually is, though? :)) Once you find something you like (in a store), they discontinue it :))) Oh, the irony of life :)))

Thank you for your kind words!

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It’s sort of amusing to see how everyone is suddenly so interested in Lahm.

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minimoonstar replied to your post “But apparently Pep gets to him enough that he considers talking about football with Pep a “pleasure” (and not “we are plotting to win everything”). It’s very, very interesting.”

Lahm will end up as coach eventually one suspects

I sure hope so! He’s got the right kind of temperament and mind for it. So long as he’s not one of those guys who gets frustrated with players who are not as football-smart as he is, he’ll make a fantastic manager.

He would never get frustrated with that. It’s not in his nature.

And I’ve never heard/got the impression that when he talked about football, it was about winning everything. With whoever. It’s not just a “talking with Pep” thing. imho


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Philipp Lahm - 20140727

Ooooh… I really like this!

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Philip Lahm in the cover of FIFA Weekly.

read magazine here.

Oh, yesssss